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The situation: Annoying

Teams, clients and partners live and work separately, often all around the world. Collaborating across multiple projects and continents is the new norm. Distributed teams live and die by their ability to quickly organize, find, share, and collaborate on creative content

Spotter is reinventing creative asset management for the workplaces of tomorrow. And won’t stop until we’ve removed the bottlenecks of content creation.

Our frustrations:

As creators ourselves, we were sick of ugly interfaces and complex digital asset management mechanisms. We’d had enough of wasting time looking for the right file, and having to handle the same creative request 100-times a day.

We realized that the answer wasn’t apps that workaround, or so-called clever hacks… We decided to address head on all the creative pains that slow us down.

Our solution:
Hello, Spotter

We rethought and rebuilt creative asset management from scratch. Spotter’s Workspace (and the Spotter Boards within them) works like nothing else, because we built it from the ground up.

The result gives you a way of working that’s intuitive, beautiful, and downright fun. Because, when everything just works, that’s how creativity should be.

Find out about all the features right here.

Our partners

Who we're for:
You (and you) (and you)

Graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers. Brand, account & marketing managers. Content creators, coordinators and social media managers. Creative directors and architects, assistants and runners.

Basically, if you like the sound of supercharging how you curate, manage and collaborate on creative assets, then Spotter is ready to take you to the next level. And beyond.

What next:
Lunch; World domination

We live, breathe, sweat, and dance what we do. And we’re only just getting started. As you’ll see on our Features page, some things are ‘coming soon’. We’re building fast, and updates are coming ASAP.

But even that features page is only the beginning. We want to hear from you too. Tell us what you love, or what’s not working that well. Most importantly: tell us which creative pains you want to kill, and which creative superpowers you wish you had.

Email us now. We’ll reply as soon as we’re back from lunch / world domination.

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We are a group of characters who love what they do. Engineering, product, and design. The world is our office. Being a remote team from day one, we're distributed around the globe. Join us, from wherever you are :-)

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