Made for teams.

Built for creativity.

Spotter is a rocket pack for your creative content processes.

Instead of ten different tools and apps, we offer you

everything you need, all in one place.

Once your team straps on
Spotter, everyone can:

  • Gather everything you need to one super collaborative and searchable platform: images, files, videos, and more.
  • Find what you are looking for faster; curate content, and make it available to selected team members easily.
  • Manage creative requests and easily communicate feedback or licensing expiry dates.
  • Slash content production time and get content to market faster.

Everything in its
right place

Spotter brings clarity and structure to your team's
image, video, and content collection.

Bringing all your materials together

From stock photos to YouTube collections, PDFs and audio files – with Spotter, you can easily organise and manage everything in one place.

Two-way street

Spotter can even synchronise with your existing cloud storages. So all your assets can remain in the cloud storages you are working with already.


The problem

Collecting, organizing, and making all your videos, images, and other marketing assets available to teams can be mind-meltingly frustrating.

Our solution

With Spotter, all your creative content – from raw assets to youtube videos – lives in one place and can be made available to teams easily.

Find faster
Find smarter

We reimagined and rebuilt search from scratch. Now you
can browse your creative workspace like a search engine.

The righ version always

Find the right version in seconds. No more duplicates and no more sifting around in folders.

Beautiful browsing

Preview images, videos, and other creative assets instantly – without clicking into folders.


The problem

The folder system is 40+ years old. It hasn’t kept up with how we work. Clicking into sub-folders and sub-sub- folders only to find the wrong file kills creativity.

Our solution

We reimagined and rebuilt how search works. Now, anyone can perform a unified search across all creative assets and content, no matter where they’re stored.

Sharing should
be caring

Let partners instantly find, view, upload, and
download content directly from your workspace

Control your content

Any updates to your content are reflected everywhere, even if already shared with your audiences.

Make order

Select the files you need, choose the order to present them in, then share your Spotter Board. Easy.


The problem

There are too many obstacles to efficient content distribution. From bulky email attachments to the need for third-party file transfer apps or outdated version sent.

Our solution

With Spotter, you use boards to share and receive assets directly from your workspace. No file size limitations. No third-party tools. Always the right version.

Better collaboration
means better work

Make creative collaboration easier. The Spotter Workspace
supercharges collaboration with your brand partners.

Turbo-boost your feedback

Bring your content and comments together in one place and nothing can get lost.

Simplify Decision-Making

Rate, vote, select and approve assets together faster than ever before.


The problem

Stakeholder feedback and decision making: we all need it, but we all dread it. It comes from too many channels: endless email chains, separate Slack channels…Vital information gets lost.

Our solution

With Spotter, everyone’s comments and decisions are pooled together with you content. It’s easy to access, easy to look up, intuitive to use, and nothing can get lost.

The one and
only account

If you're working with multiple clients, assets can become unorganized. Using Spotter allows you to create workspaces per client to make sure no asset goes unseen.

Your workspace is everything

Working with multiple clients in parallel is easier than ever. No more jumping between tools, apps, or tabs to work with different clients.

One secure login

Once you’re logged into Spotter, that’s it. You can jump from workspace to workspace, client to client, without logging in-and-out-and-in.


The problem

Every day it’s different clients, different assets. Which means constantly switching between storages, tools, and apps,and constantly uploading and downloading.

Our solution

With Spotter, everything is consolidated into one place. Simply create a Spotter workspace for each of your clients, connect storages, invite stakeholders in, and go.

Media Licences:

Media licenses are important – and keeping track of them
all is vital. With Spotter, you keep everything in one place.

No more searching

It’s easy to keep all your purchased licenses, invoices, and other related documentation in one easily-accessible place.

No more misunderstanding

No matter which organization they’re in, keep all stakeholders up-to-date on purchases, usage rights, expiry dates, and more.


The Problem

You have to buy creative assets and content from roughly three billion different stock platforms, photographers, artists, media conglomerates, and more. Which is why dealing with licenses can be an absolute nightmare.

Our Solution

With Spotter, everyone stays 100% up to date. Your team and partner organizations can easily keep track of what to use, where, and for how long. And you can tell stakeholders about expiry dates and new purchases.

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